Blurred Vision

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Let’s be honest, living a godly life here on earth can be difficult.  We live in a world that is fallen and wants little to do with God, so being a follower of Christ and living a godly life is a constant struggle.  And unfortunately many times we make it even tougher. We as followers of Christ allow the perspectives and views of this world to infiltrate our way of thinking. This causes an even bigger struggle, because the world’s point of view is opposite of Gods.  As followers of Christ, we must do just that, follow Christ.  In order to truly live a godly life, we must see and think about things from Gods point of view, not the world’s.  How we worship, pray, forgive, and relate to others, both inside and outside the church, are affected by the points of view by which we choose to live our lives.  When we try to live for God using the worlds perspectives, we have blurred vision.  We must be transformed in how we think and view things, so that our lives are in line with Gods point of view. Only then will we be able to truly live a godly life.
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