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Cape Coast: The Town of Romanticised Finesse is a delightful book from Ghana, West Africa containing the reminiscences, scenarios, culture and nature of the Fantse people of Cape Coast. It also contains basic Ghanaian traditions and customs in relation to celebrating births, outdoorings, traditional engagements as well as customs performed surrounding a demise. The book has merged the immortal cultural aspects of the past with todays values which are relevant in this day and age. Cape Coast: The Town of Romanticised Finesse is a book written in acknowledgement of the several hundreds of pupils who have passed through the hands of Mrs Korsah over the years, on their way to improving themselves by improving their education at every stage of the academic ladder and with each year of their lives. As the Teacher teaches, so also does she learn from her pupils and as an Educationist, Mrs Korsah appreciates all her pupils who have in many diverse ways helped her to shape her career and life work.
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