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It’s hard to recognize a woman when she uses technology to change her appearance. The nanobots Cindrill’s master gave her allow her to slip around the kingdom and into the palace without being identified, but when she’s injured by Prince Davian as she flees after an assassination attempt by her master, the prince realizes she’s wearing the technology as a mask. When Cindrill accidentally runs into the prince on his frantic search to find the would-be assassin woman, he doesn’t recognize her without the nanobot mask on her face and insists she help in his search for the vile woman who tried to kill his father and nearly took away his fianceé.  Cindrill and Davian still have jobs to do while working together—destroy each other—and they have to play the game as long as they can until the other is ruined, even as Cindrill’s master takes matters into his own hands to finish the job they were hired to do. Will her master and his betrothed get in the way of their survival?Perfect for fans of Marissa Meyer’s Cinder, A.G. Howard’s Splintered, and Cordelia Castle’s The Magestaff.
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