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? 55% OFF for Bookstores! NOW at $ 31,97 instead of $ 41,97! LAST DAYS! ?Are you curious about dark psychology? Wondering what dark psychology is, how it fits into the psyche, and its role in our society?Your Customers Will Never Stop To Use This Amazing Guide! Well, buckle up because this book will cover all of that and more. What is dark psychology all about? Its the study of psychological phenomena that are related to negative states such as anxiety, depression, psychosis, anger-fueled aggression and others. These phenomena include symptoms beyond those found in traditional psychedelic drugs such as psychedelic art and music. Dark Psychology also contains concepts like evil twins or inner demons which generally refer to hidden aspects of human consciousness that arent available for inspection during waking hours but seem to come out when the ego falls away during sleep. The concept of evil twins is closely related to the archetypal idea of the shadow.This book covers:·      The Fundamentals of Dark Psychology·      Common Methods of Dark Psychology·      How to Tell If You Are Emotionally Manipulated·      The Best Techniques of Dark Psychology·      Advanced Techniques of Mental Manipulation·      Dark Seduction·      Manipulation and Conversational Hypnosis·      Characteristics of Manipulative People·      The Dark Triad·      Mind Control TechniquesAnd much more!The shadow, like all archetypes, is in some sense a universal symbol that has both personal meaning and cultural significance irrespective of time and place. The personal meaning of shadows evokes images of our own dark sides or devil in the details as Jung puts it. The cultural relevance of shadows d
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