Day Trading Made Easy

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Are you struggling to protect your investments and your funds? Have you been losing money before? Or do you want to STOP WASTING TIME and start trading with a HUGE profit? The truth is: Day trading can be a very lucrative career, as long as the basics are known. It is, on the other hand, very challenging for the novices, especially for those who do not have a strategy ready. Becoming a trader is a high-risk venture, and only a small proportion of people succeed at itHowever, theres a solution... A step-by-step guide that will explain the basics of day trading and how to do it for a living in 2020. Day trading is nothing but the sale and purchase of securities within just a single day of trading.Though it can occur in any marketplace it is usually a common thing in the foreign exchanges and stock markets. The day traders bank on short-term trading techniques and high amounts of leverage, to capitalize on every small price movement in currencies or high-liquid stocks. The goal of this book is simple: It is a comprehensive first-hand source of information to have deep knowledge on day trading.Heres a tiny fraction of what youll learn:Why Day Trading is The Most Lucrative Type of TradingProven Strategies to Buying Long and Selling ShortFactors that Influence Day TradingOpening and Managing Demo AccountAdvantages and Disadvantages of Day TradingInvestor Psychology and MindsetMistakes People Make While Trading and How to Avoid ThemDay Trading Strategies the Pros Dont Want You to KnowTrading CryptocurrenciesHow to manage risk Would you like to know more?Get this book now to become a successful trader!
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