Dreaming: An Opportunity for Change is a practical guide for both therapist and dreamer that utilizes dream interpretation for the purpose of promoting clinical change. Myron Glucksman demonstrates a methodical approach toward understanding the meaning of dreams, and how to use that information for the purpose of promoting change. The book is meant for both dreamers and therapists who are interested in working with dreams. Examples are given throughout to emphasize how dreams can be understood to help the dreamer bring about internal and external change and how dreams give a greater awareness of our inner selves, including our deepest feelings, conflicts, wishes and fears. Dreaming is written in clear, understandable language with a minimum of psychological jargon. Technical terms are explained and illustrated. Although it includes theoretical material, the emphasis is on clinically relevant issues. The information it provides can be integrated into various therapeutic modalities (psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral) as well as diverse styles of clinical work.
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