How Do You Find Malaysia?

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A chance meeting in early 1977 took the author on a forty year journey in South East Asia. This encounter triggered a journey of exploration, learning, and a deep immersion in cultures that challenges ones preconceived notions. This is a story of episodes, many of which may seem fiction, but they really are the absolute truth. Take a ride with the author and get drawn into Malaysian communities that never fail to delight and surprise.Malaysia in the 1970s was a nation in a period of growth, change, and of a rich multi-racial society that that was working feverishly to forge a united nation. As it should be, this book is a joyous appreciation of people from many backgrounds. From trishaw pullers to CEOs, to cooks in hawker centers to movie stars; they formed a tapestry of community.The author volunteered to go to Malaysia and teach high school math. He intended to impact the school and its students in a positive way. The opposite happened. The short time he was in Malaysia affected him deeply, and all for the better. Most of all, this story invites the reader to just come along.
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