IKIGAI for Leaders and Organisations

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Based on the wisdom of the old Japanese philosophy of IKIGAI (the reason/purpose of life), Frank Brueck, developed a unique model to review your own (working) life in these trying times. He simply asks: Have you managed to fully integrate the following four key dimension into your personal and organisational life:What you are really good at?What do you love to do?What the world needs?What you need for the market?Only when you manage to truly live all these four dimensions individually as a leader and collectively in an organisation, you may reach your IKIGAI - a state in which purpose and meaning fulfil your daily life and in which you generate a positive impact for society and the environment.The book describes how you can assess yourself and how you can find out which one of the eight IKIGAI Leader Types you are and how you can improve yourself towards the state of IKIGAI. When IKIGAI is reached you do not only feel deeply satisfied and passionate about the things you do, but may even experience a state of flow carrying you through your professional life. In this state work will not drain your energies, but will provide new energy and balance.The model with 8 different IKIGAI Business Types works also for organisations. Companies can operate very successfully in a dynamic and yet balanced way without falling into the trap of exploitation of people and the environment. This is a collective state of leadership and a collective state of IKIGAI for an entire organisation. It is reflected in the corporate culture, crystallises in behaviours and serves as a source of power and inspiration for all members of an organisation. This book is a very practical guide with assessments, lots of real life cases and examples. A must-read for leaders and managers, but also for consultants and coaches who will enjoy a new unique way to assist their clients in a direct and meaningful way.
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