Its About Time ... & Travel

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Richard Kahn takes you on a tour of the world in Its About Time . . . & Travel. Explore destinations and people as Richard shares his unique experiences in some of the hundred nations that he visited for business and pleasure as a travel writer and editor for more than fifty years.Richard was often in the right place at the wrong time. He found himself in Grenada at the time of the coup that led to U.S. Marines landing on that Caribbean island. On another trip, he enjoyed a private lunch with the woman who, on that very same day, attempted the coup against Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines. He even had the misfortune of being mugged in China, which nearly turned into an international incident.This book is part travelogue and part memoir. Richard shares his view of the three Rs-Religion, Race Relations, and Right and Wrong-while informing both the armchair vacationer and experienced traveler. Not your normal travel guide, this is a glimpse behind the scenes of the travel industry and a look at what makes travel an entertaining and educational experience.
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