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HURRY UP! NOW THIS BOOK IS AT 55% OF ITS ORIGINAL PRICE! AND YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL LOVE IT! PAPERBACK EDITIONWOULD YOU LIKE TO CHANGE YOUR MEAL PLAN AND START A DIET TO LOSE WEIGHT AND FEEL BETTER? DO YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE DISHES SO YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR COOKING SKILLS?The ketogenic diet sound like what youre looking for! A diet that keeps flavours and yummy recipes in its plan meanwhile it helps you feel better and lose weight!This Ketogenic Diet Vegetarian Cookbook is a great chance for you as it offers many different ways to apply this incredible diet on your meal plan! You will learn healthy recipes that vegetarians can also eat, and juicy ones!It is a good opportunity to lean new dishes to surprise your family and friends. There are plenty of recipes for any kind of meal you desire! The Ketogenic diet is a low carb and high fat diet, putting your body into a metabolic state which brings your body to purify and improve your health.In this book, you will find delicious side dishes recipes with:·      Veggies·      Pasta·      Soups·      Seeds·      And much more!Do you think it will be difficult to use start a new diet and you dont have much time?Well, this book gives you a step-by-step guide to the preparation of the recipes. You can find easy recipes, if you dont have much time or youre not in the mood for cooking too much; but also some more elaborate for new challenges in the kitchen!! And it is always recommended to change meal plan sometimes, because if you eat more differently your body will feel better!With this book, you will learn:·      New ingredients to mix in your meal plan·      New dishes ·      To feel better by eating differently more often·      To improve your cooki
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