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LIV: Once Upon a TimeLIV depicts te life of Olivia Washington from victim to victor. Her path included 16 years of sexual and physical abuse and culminated in the greatest love story ever told between Olivia (aka LIV) and Morgan Avery Calais, the perfect man who is sure to become the object of many women's fantasies. Their union was destined as they embarked upon the fulfillment of their shared dream and was the impetus for setting in motion the "Master Plan" which created a paradigm shift in the status quo involving a vast network of individuals for positive, perpetuated changes in virtually every American institution, especially education and politics. In the interim, Liv had to face and overcome a myriad of deep-seated, complicated issues. You may see applications for possible issues in your own life as you discover how Liv learns to deal with her fears, to trust, to let go of anger, to forgive, to overcome her fear of physical intimacy, and how she finds, loses, and renews her faith in God. Despite the absence of overt graphic and gratuitous profanity, violence, and sex, "LIV" has its villains and contains elements of crime, violence, and erotica that will provide satisfaction for those who crave such content, but won't offend those who do not. Show less...
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