Mental Survival

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Why do some police officers lose their lives in battle while others find ways to survive? Why do some police officers go overboard when fighting with a suspect while others show great restraint and professionalism? Mental Survival explores these questions and reaches deep into the history of our psyche to come up with the answers. While most new training philosophies tend to be futuristic in their attempts to answer these questions, Mental Survival goes back to the beginning to find out what we missed. Mental Survival is a must-read book for police academy instructors, managers, and police officers.Mental Survival explores why we react the way we do under high stress, our belief system and its role in our survivability, our basic training of police officers, managements responsibility in a police officers survival, and the impact that societys perceptions about police has on our ability to win a battle. Mental Survival has been a journey through my life while trying to correlate events around me with my own perceptions about survival. This book is written from my perspective as the author, and how my experiences helped me understand my survivability as well as my weaknesses and failures in attempting to reach a level whereby I could pass the lessons I learned to others so they may not repeat them.
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