Nazi Conspiracy And Aggression

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After World War II, investigations were made and trials were held.  Today, the most well known of these were the Nuremberg "Doctor's Trial", which probed the various euthanasia programs carried out by the defeated Germans.  However, there were other trials, no less important and of continued historic interest, which explored and documented how and why the Nazi's acquired and applied their power. In these trials, "The Nuremberg Trials" men like Wilhelm Goering, Rudolf Hess, and Karl Doenitz, were prosecuted.  The generated documents and testimony were then collated by the US Government into a set of publications called "Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression", which were also called "The Red Series" (named after the color of the binding). Out of print for decades, facsimiles of this series is now available in print.This is Volume VIII. (Volume 8)Please understand, that as these volumes are FACSIMILES, they contain the flaws and imperfections that were present in the originals. Buyers should understand this in advance, and set their expectations accordingly.The ISBNs of the entire series:Volume I -- 978-1-64594-023-4Volume II -- 978-1-64594-024-1Volume III -- 978-1-64594-025-8Volume IV -- 978-1-64594-026-5Volume V -- 978-1-64594-027-2Volume VI -- 978-1-64594-028-9Volume VII -- 978-1-64594-029-6Volume VIII -- 978-1-64594-030-2Opinion and Judgment -- 978-1-64594-031-9Supplement A [Part 1] -- 978-1-64594-032-6Supplement A [Part 2] -- 978-1-64594-035-7Supplement B [Part 1]-- 978-1-64594-033-3Supplement B [Part 2]-- 978-1-64594-036-4The ISBN of the entire set -- 978-1-64594-034-0More information can be obtained at http://suzeteo.com/catalog/nazi-conspiracy-and-aggression.
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