Searching for Sanctuary

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Aisha Faye leans against the hot, chain-link fence of the cage, one of many in her waystation for unwanted, magical creatures. She watches, helplessly, as a tiger once overflowing with magic now lays there unresponsive. No joy. No spark. Slowly dying.Just like all the others. Across town, in the world of elite witches and wizards, Nate Darkwood watches the same.Both Aisha and Nate need answers with only way to find them: together. A novel set in the dazzling world of Enchantment Avenue. Searching for Sanctuary, a story of hope and redemption, love and magic... and all of them, possible."If you like sports novels, you’ll like this—even if you don’t like romance. If you like romance, you’ll like this—even if you don’t like sports novels. Wonderful book, chockfull of unexpected surprises." —Kristine Kathryn Rusch, USA TodayBestselling Author, on Home Run
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