Successful Reading Strategies for Second Language Learners

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Successful Reading Strategies for Second Language Learners: Theory and Practice is a wonderful new teaching tool that provides educators with the theories and reading strategies necessary for helping students. Utilizing tactics such as thinking aloud, compare and contrast, cause and effect, sequencing, and many others, teachers can help students become proficient readers by incorporating these research-tested strategies into their curriculum. Fantastic for helping teachers create a learning environment that can foster successful students, these techniques will ultimately lead down a path of comprehension and learning for students everywhere. Filled with comprehensive information that is practical yet research validated, this priceless guide by Tarek Elabsy is a tool for teachers engaging students of all levels. Recognizing the extensive process of acquiring conversational English, Successful Reading Strategies for Second Language Learners helps with the guidance and development of methods that can lead toward the ultimate goal of English proficiency. With the development of conversational English taking two to three years and the development of academic English taking upwards of five years, this enlightening resource helps with the application and expansion of effective reading strategies for those who specialize in teaching English as a second language or foreign language. Designed specifically for elementary and middle school teachers of ELLs, Successful Reading Strategies for Second Language Learners provides them with valuable activities to use with students across multiple cultural and ethnic backgrounds. From phonological awareness activities such as blending and segmenting and onset and rhyme activities to fluency activities focusing on choral reading and paired reading, the book is filled with priceless activities that are based on scientifically-proven methods. Perfectly applicable toward a diverse range of students, this informative guide works to save tea
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