Tarot Reading Made Easy

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Tarot Reading Made Easy is a helpful guide for beginners to learn all about tarot card reading and how to get started doing your own readings. This book will guide you through a brief history of what tarot is and where it came from, and how it has been shifted and changed throughout history and developed by different cultures to fit their needs. You will find that tarot cards are plenty and there are many different decks that have beautifully illustrated images to help you find the symbolism of each card...In this book youll learn:1. The book will begin with a brief history of the art of tarot and where it was first discovered and used, as well as the history behind the first deck of tarot cards that are still in existence.2. You will then learn about what the Major Arcana is and the tarot cards in the deck that is associated with the Major Arcana. You will learn that these cards have different meanings than the rest of the cards in the deck.3. After you learn what the Major Arcana is and the cards that are in that part of the deck, you will learn the same things about the Minor Arcana. This part of the deck has its own cards and suits and they have their own unique meanings as well.4. The book will then cover the symbolism behind the illustrations on the cards and what each card is meant for and what it stands for. There will be an entire chapter on Major Arcana cards with a deep description of the cards and what you can do with them. This is an important section to refer back to as you continue through your journey.5. The book will then cover the different types of spreads you can use in your tarot card reading pulls and what each one stands for and when its best to use them. It will also give you different spread pull examples so that you can see how to best interpret cards in the particular spread you choose.6. Finally, the book will wrap up with how to begin doing readings for other people. There is a quick guide on how to get started and simpl
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