The Complete Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog

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Goes way beyond a typical breed book. The authors breadth of research, resources, insights and details are priceless. This book is a must-have for Catahoula owners! Nikki Ott breeder of champions in conformation, obedience, hog hunting and baying I strongly feel that anyone who owns or wishes to own a Catahoula should read this book, and everyone breeding Catahoulas or wishing to breed them MUST read this book. Don Abney is a man who knows his own mind. He is not afraid to form his opinions based on facts as he knows them to be, with total disregard to popular folklore. This is the best book on the Catahoula I have ever read! John Sumrall 40 years experience breeding championship and working cattle dogs Dons new book contains information you cannot find elsewhere. I have learned a lot from reading it. As a breeder with over 40 years experience, I will have it on my shelf and reference it often. I could not put it down. Aubrey Aden also breeding working and championship cattle dogs for 40 years.
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