The Garden of Eva

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Some might think this book is one hot steamy sex scene after the other. Yes! It is. But it is much much more. Who knows? You may finish reading this novel with a few fresh ideas of your own as to how to be a better lover and turn your man into the type of lover you want and desire.The storyline in this novel stands alone. Even without the steamy erotic sex scenes described in honest, full-color, it is a beautiful love story; sometimes funny, sometimes messy and complicated. It is a reality as life usually is.This passionate love story is about an illicit, fourteen-year love affair. EVA, a young retired model--turned businesswoman, wants desperately out of her abusive husband's hold; and find a man who will love and respect her for the lady that she is.When she meets her life challenger, ALEX, a handsome, blue-blood; an erotic, romantic, love affair ignites. It's a passionate fire that cannot be extinguished, even though both try on numerous occasions to end the unlikely romance."It is harder to fight against pleasure than against anger."    AristotleNaive Eva has little experience with the more socially elite side of life in which Alex is well acquainted. She relies on her charm, beauty, and sharp-witty tongue to get her out of uncomfortable situations in which she finds herself, causing the reader to laugh out loud. Sometimes her antics work, sometimes not.Time does not diminish Eva's and Alex's craving for each other. After the fourteen-year affair, their unbridled appetite for one another is greater than ever.Has she found her forever and always love who'll put a ring on her finger; or was he just a player who had found a good lay? 
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