The Stone of Wisdom

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"This is good guys versus bad guys at its finest." Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite"Action-packed, riveting, and steeped in the atmosphere so carefully built in prior books in the series." Diane Donovan for Midwest Book Reviews"An impeccable YA fantasy read." Sarah Scheele for Readers' FavoriteThe Stone of Wisdom, by Award-Winning author M.J. Evans, is the final book of The Centaur Chronicles, the epic saga that will captivate YA and Adult readers who love Tolkien-like settings and characters. Carling, the half Fairy/half Human teenager who is to inherit the throne of Crystonia, must complete the Silver Breastplate to be worthy to be the queen. But an evil Wizard named Xanbar has returned to claim the throne for himself and is amassing a vicious army of Centaurs, Ogres, and Cyclops to help him do it. 
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