Your Wolfish Heart

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App Tastic...They were supposed to have the app live by Valentines Day. At least that was what Paiges brother, Rafe, agreed to. Now here she was hoping and praying that with a little goddess power, and whole lot of technological know-how, he and his team can pull off a V-Day miracle.Flower power...Valentines Day was Livs least favorite holiday, even if she was part owner of Bluebonnets, one of the busiest flower shops in town. The holiday coinciding with her daughters death at the hands of a drunk driver, and then her marriage dissolving, was just another reminder of how empty her life was. But when a very familiar doctor starts coming into the shop, she feels a tug on her heartstrings, not to mention her lady bits, and wonders if maybe there is someone out there for her after all.A Wolf in Need...Dr. Thomas Merton fills his days tending to the needs of others, but he cant ever forget the dark-haired woman who lost her child to a drunk driver. Not one to poach on another mans woman, he put his wolfs attraction and his own on the back burner. But when a fortuitous meeting at a local flower shop leads to a second chance at making a connection, can his wolf convince them both that the right kind of love is worth everything?
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