Couple Therapy - The Communication

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? 55% OFF for Bookstores! NOW at $37.95 instead of $47.95! ?This is the presentation of the book directly from the words of the author, Amelia McDaniell: Are you experiencing a moment of crisis with your partner? Would you both like to change and improve the situation, but the many attempts have been unsuccessful? On the contrary, have they become repetitive dynamics that continue to feed the problem instead of solving it? When we are aware that our relationship has problems, we feel discomfort and helplessness.It is never a single event that determines the couples crisis, but it is always a combination of factors that have continued over time.It is vital to be aware of it and decide to act at the right time! I wrote this book to show you the best strategies and the most effective techniques that will help you save, strengthen and improve your relationship. My name is Amelia McDaniell, I am a therapist with more than 15 years of experience, and I will guide you step by step on a journey of awareness to create more love and less conflict in your relationship. YOUR CUSTOMER NEVER STOP READING THIS AWESOME BOOK! What you will learn with this book:How to best handle difficult situations, such as tension, worry, stress. Couples therapy is a resource that helps you recognize and deal with problems. With clear language and easy-to-understand, after reading this book, you will be able to deepen your knowledge of yourself, your relationship and rediscover your partners value. All of this will help you live your life as a couple more peacefully and fulfilling.How to cope, manage and overcome moments of crisis in the couple. Over the years, a couple may encounter various obstacles: lack of common interests, monotony, loss of sexual attraction, even betrayal. My guide will teach you how to deal with them to strengthen your bond, maintain a more harmonious relationship, overcome and prevent future conflicts.How to dialogue and communicate effectively. Yo
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