Her Lost Year

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In the spring of 2010, Tabita Greens daughter, Rebecka-then in seventh grade-started to feel depressed and lost a lot of weight. Almost immediately, Rebeckas well-meaning health care providers recommended that she take an antidepressant (Zoloft) to kick-start the treatment process.What followed was a year-long nightmare of the most unimaginable sort as Tabita and her husband, Todd, watched their funny, bright daughter transform into a psychiatric patient. Rebecka was hospitalized numerous times for suicidal ideations and psychosis-unable to function in the real world. Her psychiatrists treated new symptoms with additional psychiatric medications, but instead of improving, Rebeckas health deteriorated rapidly.As the year progressed, the Greens started to question the wisdom of the dominant mental health care system, which puts pills front and center, and eventually worked up the courage to ask the psychiatrist to take Rebecka off all medications. Within weeks, Rebeckas suicidal and psychotic symptoms disappeared completely. Now the family was able to focus on the real problem, her disordered eating. Rebecka was on the road to recovery.In Her Lost Year, Tabita (with Rebecka) shares this intimate story of despair, recovery, and hope, but she doesnt stop there. She goes on to describe what she learned about psychiatry in the US-especially related to kids and teens-and discusses the ever-widening definition of mental illness and the culture of medication as a first, rather than last, resort.Subsequent chapters cover a wide range of effective, alternative treatment options from taking care of physical needs to specific therapies including family therapy and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), therapies that helped Rebecka and her family heal. In the last third of the book, the author ponders why so many people are struggling mentally and emotionally in the first place. What if we could redesign our society for optimal mental health? What would such a so
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